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Custom FLAT Centres - minimum pack of ten

Custom FLAT Centres - minimum pack of ten Designed for you

£16.00 Price : £16.00

Modifiers price: £0.00 (Including tax)


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Building Your Design: -


  • 1 - Use our self-adhesive custom FLAT centres and add text (max. 40) in box above
  • 2 - Use your image (upload at checkout) and/or add text (max. 40) in box above
  • TO BUY - follow these 4 simple steps (skip any if not applicable): -

    2 - ADD Neck Ribbons and/or Boxes?

    add engraving    


    Custom centres are really useful. Unfortunately, not every sport or activity is covered by our manufacturers, so this is a perfect way to solve this problem. By sourcing an image, or a customer taking their own photograph. Any good trophy shop should be able to use the image and size it accordingly, whilst adding whatever text is required. Hey presto! You have something tailored to your exact needs.

    Medal Box - Red Felt


    Price: £3.50

    Medal Ribbon Medal Ribbon Narrow

    CODE: MED ribN

    Price: £0.35

    Medal Ribbon Wide

    CODE: MED ribW

    Price: £0.40

    Blue Medal Box Medal Box - Blue Felt


    Price: £3.50

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