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Base, Band - Mounting Terms


  • Feel free to do, as you wish, but we recommend you send us your item(s) to guarantee the right size bases/bands are fitted, thus avoiding disappointment if: -
    1. Your cup needs a new base and band - we can ensure they are professionally attached together
    2. Your base needs a new metal covering band
    3. You have a figurine or other item that needs mounting

  • We have a number of machines, tools, and components at our disposal to ensure correct fitting
  • We take no responsibility for any mounting/attachment work undertaken by yourself and no returns are available should you purchase the wrong size(s) for your needs
  • Occasionally products can be tapered, different manufactured batches can vary by a few millimeters, or your fixing job becomes complicated for one reason or another
  • It is useful to cut out in paper/cardboard the size of our base and do a mock size fitting with your item
  • Send your item(s) to us - click here for an inexpensive courier service i.e. around �7 and they'll collect it from you for delivery to us (or make your own arrangements)
  • For packaging instruction - click here. Don't forget to print out your receipt with a return name & address and place it in the box
  • We will contact you by email to confirm receipt
  • Within 7-8 days of receipt, your mounting or repair job is completed and ready for collection or delivered
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