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Old Engraving Methods

Black Plastic Base Engraving

  • This is a fairly outdated/expensive method for engraving - usually £17.50 each base. Finding someone to produce the white infill engraved lettering will be difficult. This creates an issue every year for the new winner
  • Send you items to us to engrave. For packaging instructions - click here.

    Need a different 'long-term' solution?

  • We recommend you buy a new metal band to fit over the base, which can be engraved with the historical existing engraving
  • Click here - to view band options
  • Send your base to us to ensure the right band is supplied, ensuring a 'snug' fit. We also wood turn, thus can 'shave off' parts of wooden and plastic bases to ensure a 'fit'
  • For packaging instruction - click here. Don't forget to print out your receipt with a return name & address and place it in the box
  • We will contact you by email to confirm receipt
  • Within 7 days of receipt, your item is available for collection, or delivered
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