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Trophy Centre (FLAT)

Trophy Centre (FLAT) Premium centres due to added top plastic casing

trophy centre
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Centres for trophies

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  • FLAT - Self-adhesive
  • trophy centres     premium dome upgrade

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    TO BUY - follow these 3 simple steps (skip one if not applicable): -

        add engraving     centres for trophies


    Most medals and many trophies have an 1" (25.4mm) diameter round recess. It is usual 'trophy tradition' to place a 'centre' here. A center, middle, emblem, sticker, middle, trophy centre discs or however you wish to call it, are available for a variety of things. Most sports are catered for, including the less supported pursuits in the trophy world, like croquet and fencing. Also, you will be able to source non-sporting centers like flowers, olympic flames, and dance.

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