Silver Trophy Renovation

Alpha sources old, worn, decrepit silver plated trophies from various existing clients, associations, schools, colleges, and universities. Mainly these are engraved awards, with the plating either wearing thin or gone completely. But that’s no trouble for us – we are able to completely renovate old trophies!

This trophy was brought to us by Greenway Hall Golf Club in Stoke, after we impressed them with our shield award refurbishment a couple of weeks ago…

Trophy Engraving Removal

silver trophy restorationFirstly, considerable time and care is taken to completely remove previous engraving by using various skilled polishing techniques. After finishing the engraving removal process by using polishing machinery, mops and rouges, we can then move to re-plating any missing plating areas.

Every item must be very, very spotlessly clean before we can silver plate. After a good layer of silver is applied, we’re ready to dry things off. At this stage we can engrave the trophy with a variety of fonts or use a logo the customer provides or we source.

Concurrently we turn a wooden base, mainly from ash (other woods available) to attached to the trophy. Sometimes we need to weld a new rod to the bottom of the trophy cup, so the new base slips over it and a nut is attached to the bottom of the wood, where a recess is drilled.

Custom Trophy Restoration

Lastly, we can produce a custom-made silver-plated ring to cover the wooden base, or provide something from our stock. These bands are great to engrave annually with the winners’ names.

We are delighted to help you re-furbish any of your old silver trophies. Alpha Gifts & Awards are repairers, platers, engravers and wood turners – making us your ONE STOP SHOP for all kinds of trophy restoration and repair.

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