No room left for engraving?

new base for trophy engravingAfter years of yearly winner’s engraving, sometimes you simply run out of room to engrave the new winner onto an award. Alpha are the only company known to us that can both wood turn and build a new detachable trophy band, which fits over the base.

The picture shows both new in-house products.  The ash trophy base can be swapped for maple, which sprays black nicely, should you want an exact colour match.  As these processes are manufactured on our premises customers can benefit from great value ‘direct’ prices, which are less expensive than trophy retailers who ‘send things away’ or outsource these types Wood_base_doubleof products.

We have a multi speed wood turning lathe, this and considerable polishing experience (using various grades of sand paper) helps us create beautiful custom size round wooden bases.  Also, we stock padauk (two colour grain – beige and red), ovangkol, and sapele, which is from the mahogany family.

Eventually, a series of tiers can be built from the wooden trophy bases– a bit like a ‘Russian Doll’ effect.


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