Engraving error correction


Engraving is an unregulated discipline/profession.  As such the skills set, equipment and experience various widely – all engravers are not the same.  Alpha offers guaranteed engraving services with all errors repaired without question at our cost.  We prefer electronic engraving instructions, as cut and pasting into our engraving software minimises errors if we re-type instructions.

Repairing Engraving Errors

engraving error repair

Alas, errors are made by other engravers and we feel simply crossing this through with a series of x’s (example XXXXXXXXXXX), just makes the award look low-grade/quality, which is a real pity.

Your One Stop Trophy Shop!

We are able to polish out engraving errors, re-plate if necessary (for non-solid items) and re-engrave the correct information.  This is so much tidier and professional.  Let Alpha keep your awards looking smart with our leading engraving services  – ONE STOP SHOP!

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