Customised Shield Engraving Options

mounted shield awardThis shield ran out of space to engrave future winners.  A round trophy plinth band is a better solution, as it lasts longer than other options.  If new record shields (small shields attached to wood, like on the photo) are added to new the new base you’ll soon run out of room again.  This solution of mounting the shield to a wooden base with a plinth band allows the customer at least 60/70 years’ worth of new engraving space.  There are various mounting and attachment options to suit your particular requirements.  All this was made in-house by our skilled craftsman affording you custom made silver plated trophy bands or rings and at a great price.

Obviously different shades of wood are available to create, as close a colour/tone match as possible.

Restoring Wooden Trophy / Shield Bases

wooden trophy base with plinth bandWe recommend a simple polish and wax, but adding no further products to the wood to ensure the best natural finish.  Whilst this is difficult to capture on a photograph the natural grains of the wood really stand out, almost ‘pearl like’ in it shading under strong lighting.  Different woods will provide a different effect and we love them all.

This Sapele (Entandrophragma cylindricum) made base is from the mahogany family of woods.  As seen on the photograph we will make sure the band fits nicely over the base, ensuring it can be removed at a later date for engraving this year’s winners name(s).

Your One Stop Trophy Shop!

At Alpha Trophies we pride ourselves on our capability to offer a wide range of high quality custom services to help you get the very most from your award. From stunning wooden trophy bases to a variety of trophy engraving options to our outstanding trophy repair and restoration service, we’re your one stop trophy shop!

For more information or to make an enquiry please feel free to call us on 01823 288582.

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