Another Successful Trophy Refurbishment!

shield trophy refurbishment


We were contacted by Greenway Hall Golf Club in Stoke to repair a very tired looking shield with attaching shield fronts.  The shield dated back to the 1930’s and production techniques have altered since!  Through thorough ultra-sonic (vibration) cleaning and replating, we were able to make the shield look like new again.  Although no photo exists of the wood prior to varnishing, this did give it a new lease of life.  We have various plating techniques at our disposal: – spot plating, brush plating, or physically dipping items in vat.

trophy shield restoration


Equally, some of the individual record shields needing cleaning and plating too.  They were so delighted by the outcome they have since given us another refurb. job, removing engraving from an old cup, replating and fitting a new natural wooden base, with covering band.  Most items that take a journey with us end up looking practically like new again.




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